User Agreement

  1. Technical Support
  2. 1. Confirmation and acceptance of terms of service
  3. 2. Introduction to “Unzip Experts”
  4. 3. Modification of the terms of service
  5. 4. Service change or suspension
  6. 5. User privacy system
  7. 6. User account, password and security
  8. 7. Refuse to provide guarantee and disclaimer
  9. 8. Disclaimer
  10. 9. Commercialization of prohibited services
  11. 10. User Management
  12. 11. Guarantee
  13. 12. End of service
  14. 13. Notification
  15. 14. Law
  16. 15. Information storage and related intellectual property rights
  17. 16. Rights Statement
  18. 17.Contact Us

Technical Support

You can get technical support by sending an email to

Welcome to apply for the services provided by “Unzip Experts”. Please read all the following carefully. If the user does not agree to any content of these terms of service, please do not continue to use “Unzip Experts”.

1. Confirmation and acceptance of terms of service

The ownership of “Unzip Experts” involved in “Unzip Experts” and the intellectual property rights of related documents belong to “Unzip Experts”. The services provided by “Unzip Experts” must be strictly implemented in accordance with the articles of incorporation, terms of service and operating rules issued by it. The scope of these terms of service and all products and services of “Unzip Experts”. When users enjoy any single service of “Unzip Experts”, they shall be bound by these terms of service.
When a user uses each individual service of “Unzip Experts”, the user’s behavior shall be regarded as his agreement to the terms of service of the individual service and various announcements issued by “Unzip Experts” in the individual service.

2. Introduction to “Unzip Experts”

“Unzip Experts” uses its own operating system to provide users with various services through the Internet. The user must:
(1) Provide equipment, such as personal computers, mobile phones or other Internet devices.
(2) Individuals surf the Internet and pay the fees related to this service.
Considering the importance of the “Unzip Experts” service, the user agrees:
(1) Provide timely, detailed and accurate personal information.
(2) Continuously update the registration information to meet the timely, detailed and accurate requirements. “Unzip Experts” registration information includes: the user’s account number, password and all the information entered when registering or updating the registration information. The ID information that the user fills in when registering an account cannot be updated.
If the information provided by the user to “Unzip Experts” is inaccurate, untrue, illegal and valid, “Unzip Experts” Help reserves the right to terminate the user’s use of “Unzip Experts” services. The user agrees that the true and accurate “Unzip Experts” registration information provided by the user shall be the only evidence for determining the connection between the user and his “Unzip Experts” account and the user’s identity. While enjoying various services of “Unzip Experts”, users agree to accept various information services provided by “Unzip Experts”. “Unzip Experts” reminds users that the certificate number that the user fills in when registering an account or updating registration information cannot be modified after the account is successfully registered or filled in. Users are requested to fill in all kinds of registration information carefully.
The user agrees that all information, data and records related to the “Unzip Experts” account (including but not limited to login records, post-login behavior, point card information, etc.) are subject to the system data of “Unzip Experts”.

3. Modification of the terms of service

“Unzip Experts” has the right to modify the terms of service and the relevant terms of each individual service when necessary by making announcements on the webpage and other reasonable methods. When enjoying various services, users should read and understand the modified content in a timely manner, and consciously abide by these terms of service and the relevant terms of the individual service. If the user continues to use the services involved in these terms of service, it shall be deemed to have agreed to the modified content; if the user does not agree to the modified content, the user has the right to stop using the services involved in the terms of service.

4. Service change or suspension

“Unzip Experts” reserves the right to change or suspend the service at any time. The user agrees that “Unzip Experts” has the right to exercise the above rights and does not need to bear any responsibility to the user or a third party.

5. User privacy system

The user knows and agrees that in order to facilitate the provision of better services to the user, “Unzip Experts” will collect the user’s personal information when the user voluntarily selects the service or provides information, and integrates this information. When the user uses “Unzip Experts”, the server will automatically record some information, including but not limited to URL, IP address, browser type, language, access date and time, etc. In order to facilitate users to log in or use “Unzip Experts” services, “Unzip Experts” will use cookies and other technologies when necessary, and send the collected information to the corresponding server. Users can choose to accept or reject cookies. If the user chooses to reject cookies, the user may not be able to log in or use the services or functions that rely on cookies. The information collected by “Unzip Experts” will become part of the regular business files of “Unzip Experts”, and may be transferred to the successor company of “Unzip Experts” or a designated party due to transfer, merger, acquisition, reorganization and other reasons. “Unzip Experts” agrees to use the collected information in good faith and takes various measures to ensure information security.
Respect for the privacy of users is a basic policy of “Unzip Experts”. Therefore, “Unzip Experts” will not disclose or disclose the user’s registration information and the non-public content stored in “Unzip Experts” services. Unless “Unzip Experts” believes that it is necessary to disclose this information on the basis of good faith in the following situations:
(1) Comply with relevant laws and regulations, including providing the user’s registration information, the content of the information published by the user on the “Unzip Experts” webpage, the time of publication, and the Internet address or domain name when inquired by relevant state agencies.
(2) Maintain the intellectual property rights and other important rights of “Unzip Experts”.
(3) Make every effort to maintain the privacy of users and the general public in emergency situations.
(4) According to the relevant provisions of this clause or other circumstances deemed necessary by “Unzip Experts”.

6. User account, password and security

Once the user has successfully registered as a user, the user will get a password and account number. If the user fails to keep his account and password and causes damages to the user, “Unzip Experts” or a third party, the user will be fully responsible. In addition, each user is fully responsible for all activities and events in his account. The user can change the user’s password and icon at any time, or end the old account and reopen a new account. The user agrees that if any illegal use of user accounts or security loopholes is discovered, they are obliged to immediately notify “Unzip Experts”.

7. Refuse to provide guarantee and disclaimer

The user expressly agrees that the risk of using “Unzip Experts” shall be borne by the user. “Unzip Experts” accounts and services are provided to users in an “existing” state. “Unzip Experts” and “Unzip Experts” clearly state that it does not provide any type of guarantee, whether explicit or implicit. “Unzip Experts” does not guarantee that the service will definitely meet the user’s requirements, that the service will not be interrupted, or that the timeliness, safety, authenticity, and possibility of errors of the service will not be guaranteed. The user understands and accepts that any information downloaded or obtained through the “Unzip Experts” service depends on the user, and he or she bears the risk of system damage, data loss, and any other risks. “Unzip Experts” does not guarantee any merchandise shopping services, transaction progress, and recruitment information obtained on the service network.

8. Disclaimer

“Unzip Experts” is not responsible for direct, indirect, incidental, special and subsequent damages. These damages come from: improper use of products and services, purchases of goods or similar services on the Internet, transactions on the Internet, illegal use of services or user transmissions Information has changed. These damages will cause damage to the image of “Unzip Experts”, so “Unzip Experts” has already proposed the possibility of such damage.
“Unzip Experts” is involved in this service for domestic and foreign basic telecom operators’ mobile communication network failures, technical defects, coverage limitations, force majeure, computer viruses, hacker attacks, user location, user shutdown, or other non-Unzip Experts technologies We are not responsible for service interruption caused by things within our capabilities, loss of the content of short messages sent by users, garbled characters, wrong reception, failure to receive, or delayed reception.

9. Commercialization of prohibited services

The user promises that without the consent of “Unzip Experts”, the user cannot use “Unzip Experts” services for sales or other commercial purposes. If users need to use the service for commercial purposes, they should notify “Unzip Experts” in writing and obtain clear authorization from “Unzip Experts”.

10. User Management

The user independently assumes the responsibility for the content posted. The user’s use of the service must comply with all local, national and international laws applicable to the service. User promise:
(1) When users publish information on the “Unzip Experts” webpage or use the services of “Unzip Experts”, they must comply with relevant Chinese laws and regulations. They must not make, copy, publish, or distribute the following on the “Unzip Experts” webpage or using the “Unzip Experts” services. information:
(A) Violating the basic principles established by the Constitution;
(B) Endangering national security, leaking state secrets, subverting state power, and undermining national unity;
(C) Damage to national honor and interests;
(D) Inciting ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination, and undermining ethnic unity;
(E) Undermining the state’s religious policies and promoting cults and feudal superstitions;
(F) Spreading rumors, disturbing social order, and undermining social stability;
(G) Spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, terror or instigating crime;
(H) Insulting or slandering others, infringing on the lawful rights and interests of others;
(I) Inciting illegal assemblies, associations, processions, demonstrations, gathering crowds to disrupt social order;
(J) Acting in the name of an illegal civil organization;
(K) Contains other content prohibited by laws and administrative regulations.
(2) When users publish information on the “Unzip Experts” webpage or use “Unzip Experts” services, they must also comply with the laws and regulations of other relevant countries and regions and the relevant regulations of international law. Users need to comply with laws and regulations to use the “Unzip Experts” Weibo service.
(3) Users shall not use the services of “Unzip Experts” to engage in the following activities:
(A) Entering the computer information network or using computer information network resources without permission;
(B) Deleting, modifying or adding computer information network functions without permission;
(C) Without permission, delete, modify or add data and applications that have entered the computer information network for storage, processing or transmission;
(D) Deliberately making and spreading computer viruses and other destructive programs;
(E) Other acts that endanger the security of computer information networks.
(4) The user shall not interfere with the service of “Unzip Experts” in any way.
(5) Users shall not abuse “Unzip Experts”, including but not limited to: using the mailbox service provided by “Unzip Experts” to send junk mail, using “Unzip Experts” to conduct other acts that infringe on the intellectual property rights or legitimate interests of others.
(6) The user shall abide by all other regulations and procedures of “Unzip Experts”.
Users shall bear legal responsibility for their actions in the process of using “Unzip Experts”. The forms of user’s legal liability include but are not limited to: compensation for the infringed, and after “Unzip Experts” first assumes the responsibility for administrative penalties or infringement damages caused by the user’s behavior, the user shall give “Unzip Experts” equal compensation. The user understands that if “Unzip Experts” finds that the information transmitted on its website clearly belongs to one of the contents listed in Article (1) of the previous paragraph, according to Chinese law, “Unzip Experts” is obliged to immediately stop the transmission, save relevant records, and report to relevant state agencies. And delete the address or directory containing the content or shut down the server.

11. Guarantee

The user agrees to protect and maintain the interests of all members of “Unzip Experts”, and be responsible for paying the lawyer’s fees caused by the user’s use of the service beyond the scope of the service, the compensation for damages in violation of the terms of service, and the expenses incurred by other people using the user’s computer and account. If the user or other person using the user account infringes the intellectual property rights and other rights of a third party during the use of the service, which causes the infringed party to claim compensation, the user shall bear the responsibility.
If users or other network service providers use “Unzip Experts” services to infringe on the civil rights of others, they shall bear legal liabilities such as infringement.
If users use “Unzip Experts” services to commit infringements, the infringed person has the right to notify “Unzip Experts” to take necessary measures such as deleting, blocking, and disconnecting links. After receiving the notice, if “Unzip Experts” fails to take necessary measures in time due to its own fault, it shall be liable in accordance with the law.
If “Unzip Experts” knows that the user uses its network service to infringe the civil rights of others, and fails to take necessary measures within the scope of the terms of service, it shall be liable in accordance with the law.

12. End of service

The user or “Unzip Experts” can terminate the service at any time according to the actual situation. “Unzip Experts” has the right to unilaterally terminate the provision of one or more services to users without notice; users have the right to unilaterally terminate the acceptance of “Unzip Experts” services without notice.
After ending the user service, the user’s right to use “Unzip Experts” is immediately terminated. Since then, “Unzip Experts” no longer assumes any obligations to users.
The user knows and agrees that service changes, suspension and termination are part of the business decision of “Unzip Experts”. Users shall not require “Unzip Experts” to continue to provide services or bear any form of liability for compensation due to service changes, suspension or termination.

13. Notification

All notifications sent to users can be sent by e-mail, regular letters or announcements in prominent locations on the website. “Unzip Experts” will send messages to users through one of the above methods, informing them of changes to the terms of service, service changes, or other important matters. At the same time, “Unzip Experts” reserves the right to place commercial advertisements on users who have applied for the “Unzip Experts” mailbox.

14. Law

This clause applies to the laws of the People’s Republic of China and excludes the application of all conflicting laws.

“Unzip Experts” will do its best to maintain the security and convenience of all the above services, but will not bear any responsibility for the deletion or storage failure of the information appearing in the service (including but not limited to the information released by the user). In addition, “Unzip Experts” reserves the right to determine whether the user’s behavior meets the requirements of these terms of service. If the user violates the provisions of these terms of service, “Unzip Experts” has the right to suspend or terminate the service of its “Unzip Experts” account.
In the services included in “Unzip Experts”, whether it is a user’s original work or a work that the user has been authorized to reprint by the copyright owner, the behavior of the user upload means that the user or the copyright owner of the user agent authorizes “Unzip Experts” to enjoy free and irrevocable works uploaded. The user or the original copyright owner still retains the copyright of the uploaded work.

16. Rights Statement

“Unzip Experts” does not exercise, fails to exercise in a timely manner or does not fully exercise the rights enjoyed in this clause or in accordance with the law, shall not be regarded as a waiver of this right, nor will it affect “Unzip Experts”‘s future exercise of this right.
To the maximum extent permitted by law, “Unzip Experts” reserves the right of final interpretation of these terms of service.

17.Contact Us

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